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    Interesting link to old map of Saltfleet Twsp

    Hi everyone, I found this old map (late 1800s) of the former township of Saltfleet on the net. Have a gander. You can click on a larger map. The top left of map shows the beach strip. Quite interesting.
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    Let's be more positive :)

    I realise that we don't like some of the byproducts of industry: odours, dirt, etc. But, let's remember Hamilton is an industrial city. Those factories on the other side of the noise barrier (how I pine for the days without that wall, too...I used to like looking over across the bay) are the...
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    Good day, everyone!

    Hello to all the Beach people. My name's Bobby, and I've been a beach boy all my life. It's good to see a fresh, interactive site dedicated to the Beach. Looks great. Looking forward to mingling with you all. Have a good day! Bob:canada:
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