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    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    There are high wind warnings on the news for today, the sign on the QEW asks that you slow down due to severe winds, but the salt piles are wide open.
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    Both Lakeside Piers to be Closed.

    Please take the time to sign the petition to keep the piers open;
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    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    Low risk of high water: Regulators have determined flooding not as likely this year Regulators have determined flooding not as likely this year...
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    Both Lakeside Piers to be Closed.

    Hamilton Beach Community Council's position on the closing the Burlington Canal Piers. Sent Councillor Collins; Dear Councillor Collins; Regarding the potential closure of the Burlington Canal Piers by Transport Canada, the Hamilton Beach Community Council officially requests that the piers...
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    Councillor Chad Collins: Neighbourhood Report FEBRUARY 2021

    Councillor Chad Collins: Neighbourhood Report FEBRUARY 2021 BEACH NEIGHBOURHOOD EDITION SINK-A-SHIP FOOD DRIVE: THANK YOU! A special thank you to members of the Hamilton Beach Rescue unit who held their 3rd annual 'Sink A Ship' food drive in December. Nearly 3,800 lbs of food was...
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    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    Normally I post the lake water levels at the end of the month, but this February has been going against the norm. In past years we would see a steady increase in water levels at this time of the year, but since the beginning of the month we have seen a decrease. Lake Ontario water levels have...
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    Both Lakeside Piers to be Closed.

    Feds set to close Burlington Canal piers to public in the spring, mayors hoping for alternative By Don Mitchell Global News Posted February 3, 2021...
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    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    January monthly update, we should be seeing a normal increase in lake levels at this time of year but the levels move up and down all month only be be at basically the point at the end of the month, move good news.
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    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    I have had some residents asking about the on-going construction just south of the go-kart track. Large loaders have been moving multiple tons of stone from the parking lot down to the beach to re-enforce the area to protect the shoreline and the trail section. Many thanks to the contractor from...
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    Twirling beach turbines come down over safety concerns

    The windmill near the go-kart track didn't last long, a resident called me on Sunday stating that the top section that spins during winds was loose and was about to break off. I sent a message to the City, but by the time I was able to have a look, the whole windmill was on the ground. Looks...
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    Hamilton's Community Energy and Emissions Plan - Public Consultation

    Good Afternoon, This email is to advise that there is currently an ongoing public consultation campaign on Hamilton’s Community Energy and Emissions Plan. This plan is a long-term, community-wide plan to meet Hamilton’s future energy needs while improving energy efficiency and reducing...
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    Cottage chic on the beach By Kathy RenwaldContributing Columnist Thu., Sept. 29, 2016 Article was updated Mar. 01, 2020 When people walk in to The Rustic Rose they can't get enough of the barn lanterns, weathered wood mallets, and peculiar tools. "Stuff that comes out of the barn or shop...
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    Signs on Eastport Drive

    Beach Community Awareness. The Port Authority has submitted a second application to the City. The applicant is proposing to construct a Digital Billboard with back to back signs measuring 18.3 metres (60 feet) by 6.1 metres (20 feet) and a sign area of approximately 111.5 square metres (1200...
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    991 Beach Blvd...

    As I wrote back in 2018, I am sure that I would of noticed if the house was moved as it would of taken at lease a week to get it ready to transport. Thanks for the clarification.
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    Beach History Link

    Another good find from David; A good history of the Hamilton area written in 1899 BURLINGTON BAY is one of the most lovely sheets of water in Canada, and has been known by a variety of names— "Macassa," "Onilquition," "Washquarter," "The...
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