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    Power Lines

    I wanted to get the scoop on the power lines along the beach. All the new media attention and development plans, I'm thinking that we would achieve the "biggest bang for the buck" by diverting the lines across the highway along Eastport or even better running the lines underground. Have these...
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    Hello! Following by your lead, I would like to make you aware of my capabilities. I am a Business major and Mechanical Engineering technologist. I am a co-owner of a local solution providing company. We offer Engineering services and custom fabrication. Our primary market is Material...
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    Roof repair

    My wife and I have been beach bums for three years now. We love it! I hope to see some of you on the path this summer. On another note: Do you or do you know of anyone that can do roof repairs?? We are also looking to buy some new windows. We can see many homes with relatively/brand...
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