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    It's with a heavy heart that I announce

    My heart breaks posting this. Jimmy Lomax passed away this morning. He was an amazing man that did so much for the community. I spoke with him a couple weeks ago. He phoned to see how the kids and us were doing. At the end of the conversation he did his usual, sent hugs and kisses to the kids...
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    Rest In Peace Brad (Ray) Bradley

    Another long time Beach Resident, gone way to soon. :(
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    The Beach has lost a great person.

    Roy Rushton aka rorush passed away yesterday. Feb 7th. He was killed in the blast out in connecticut. He was set to return home today from contract work as a site supervisor there. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, 4 year old daughter, sister Jodi, his parents, family and friends. He...
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    Big Beach Garage Sale. July 12.

    Just a reminder that the garage sale in next Sunday. :)
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    Does anyone remember what it was originally? Was it a school?
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    July 1st fire works.

    I was looking online for fireworks this weekend and came across so info I thought I'd pass on. July 1st Spencer Smith park is having Canada Day fireworks. They usually have them on a barge in the water. So take a chair down to the path and watch. No worry about parking or finding a place to sit. :)
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    Warning for all Internet Users.

    Just a small warning to all Internet users on the beach. With all the new houses going up, you may want to make sure they your Internet is secure and not open. Someone or some people have been piggy backing my parents internet and have been using up all their bandwidth (I believe that's how...
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    Race around the bay

    Around The Bay road race Just a heads up for those of you who don't know already. This Sunday is the Around The Bay Road Race. So avoid driving on the Beach during that time. Not sure if both lanes are blocked off or just the Burlington bound traffic.
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    Birthday What!

    Happy Birthday Scott. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. :) :hb2:
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    2009 Polar Bear Swim

    Here is a link to the article. New Year's revelers take the plunge in Polar Bear swim By Paul Hutchings, News Staff News Jan 09, 2009 Large Medium Small Print This Article Tell a friend When it comes to celebrating the New Year, what's a...
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    Stoney Creek Santa Clause Parade.

    The Stoney Creek Santa Clause Parade is tomorrow. Saturday Dec 6. From what I understand, the Rescue Unit is going to have their boat in it. Just thought I'd let you all know in case you have some little ones that want to see it. :)
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    It's that time of year again.

    Santa is out and about. Anyone interested in making a donation.....Cash or a new unwrapped toy should do so soon. I have my bag of stuff ready to go. Gotta get down there this week and drop it off so I can help Santa make a childs Christmas magical.
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    When I drive down Van Wagners

    When I drive down Van Wagers, from the lights at the beach all the way to Centennial my stomach turns. Why does the city NOT cut the grass? All along the side of the road are big tall weeds. On the both sides. People come down to the beach for the view, but just driving by does NOT make me want...
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    Lost Cat.

    She Has Been Found Safe. :)
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    Anyone do fences?

    We are looking to put a privacy fence up. We have one side and the back done from a couple years ago. We want to finish it off this year. It will need the post holes dug, posts and fencing. If you do fences, or know of anyone that does please let me know. We want to get it up soon.
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    Do not call list.....

    I finally found a Canadian one. :) Thought I would pass it on. I HATE getting calls from the same people day in and day out.
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    All in one Printer

    We have a Lexmark X6170 all in one printer. Printer Scanner Copier Fax Perfect working order. We used the fax twice with no problem. The other options many times. Looks and works like brand new. Email for pictures. Asking $75.00 obo
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    Happy Birthday Scotto....

    :birthday: hope your having a great day. :)
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    MSN/Hotmail question....

    Whenever I get e-mails in my hotmail account, my msn messenger doesn't alert me. It only alerts me when I first sign on... but during my session, nothing! Also when I delete e-mails, messenger doesn't detect it. For example, if it says I have 3 new messeges in my inbox, and I delete them...
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    R.I.P Tim Beck.

    Very Sad. The Accident last night on Ridge Rd, where the vehicle went over the escarpment......the man in the van was killed obviously.......He used to be a resident of the Beach. He lived on Grafton. Tim Beck. He was in his 32 year. I'll update if I learn anything else. RIP Tim.
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