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    Eileen Vollick, Canada's First Female Pilot

    That makes sense because in the article from the link, the following sentence appeared and if she could see the airfield from her bedroom window, then it had to be very close. Early in March, 1927, Jack V. Elliot, pioneer of commercial aviation in Canada, opened his school and clubhouse at a...
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    757 Beach Blvd.

    Another picture of 757 Here is another picture of 757 Beach Blvd. I think this one dates from around 1950. The picture isn't good enough to read the licence plate on the car in the neighbour's driveway but the car's vintage gives a clue. This was also before the new high tension hydro lines...
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    757 Beach Blvd.

    Wow! Thanks for the update on the house, Scotto. It looks pretty good and the garage makes me very jealous.
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