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    Snowy owl!

    Beautiful Snowy Owl on our roof today! It has been hanging around the beach strip lately.
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    Just a reminder to lock your house doors. There have been several robberies.
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    Nail and screws in tire

    Just wondering if anyone else on the beachstrip has had either nails or screws found on the edge of their tires? Our car, recently my moms car and previously another persons car have been affected. It would be nice to know if this has happened to anyone else or if it's just our bad luck.
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    A ferret was seen loose this morning in Dieppe parking lot. It looks very young. Hoping it's someone's pet that got loose and not one that was purposely let loose. Domesticated ferrets cannot survive in the wild. It was last seen heading into the backyards towards the lift bridge.
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    Just a note to all dog walkers, we have found about 5 ticks on our dogs from walking along the path. They tend to be in tall grass. To remove a tick, take a tweeser and grasp the head of the tick and pull it out without twisting it. They have a hard shell and are difficult to kill and may...
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    Taking pictures?!

    Just wondering if anyone knows why there is a man taking pictures of houses, jotting things down in a notepad and using a walking tool to measue the distance of the path.
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    Found budgie

    Is anyone missing their budgie? We found one in our backyard this morning on the lawn.
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