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    Taxes!!!! OMG

    We got our tax notice from our bank today, since they remit our property taxes. Ours are going up over $400. PER MONTH. We have only lived here a year. We knew there would be an increase - our house has doubled in value - but our taxes seem to have tripled? Any option on any recourse? I...
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    Flooding Issues

    Not sure if this is the right place for this thread, but hey...I'll give it a whirl, I'm new here so be kind ;) My hubby and I just moved to the Beach. So far, it's been great. Except for the VERY wet weather this summer. We have a basement - a short one, but albeit - a basement. Our sump...
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    DSL Internet?

    Hi! I am new to the Beach - hubby and I are just in the process of moving into our "new" home :) I am in the midst of setting up utilities (and paying oh so much for them!) and now need Internet. Right now, we have lite Cable. I was hoping to get DSL - but Primus would never get back to me...
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