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    Ojibwa Sub

    Scotto, or anyone, do you know what time the Ojibwa sub will be passing through the canal? I'd love to watch it go by. I tried vessel tracking but it says the ETA is May 25, so I assume the info is out of date. Thanks!
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    Google Street View

    They've got the Beach up on Google Street View now, at least part of it anyways. I used Lakeside variety as a starting point...
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    LOST - Beige Long-haired cat

    I've lost my cat :( He's a long-haired beige/blonde cat, very friendly, super cute, and I miss him dearly. I haven't seen him for more than a week. He goes outdoors, but he usually stays around my area (the 800's) and will come when called. His name is Moe. He doesn't have a collar since...
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    Anyone know a good drywaller?

    I'm looking for someone who does drywall. My old stuccoed plaster ceiling in my upstairs hallway started falling down. Someone stepped on the lathe in the attic a few years back, it's been sagging for a while but it finally gave way and now I have a gaping hole up into my attic. Makes for a...
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