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    Beach Campfires?

    Does anyone know if you are allowed to have campfires down on the beach along the strip? Just curious - someone asked me this weekend. Thanks!
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    Beach Blvd. up and coming? How do you feel?

    Hi everyone - Just wanted to know your thoughts on the development of the Beach strip. Seems as though all the talk around Burlington is that Beach Blvd. is the up and coming place to be. God stopped making land on the water a loooooong time ago, and it looks like Beach Boulevard has become...
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    Beach Blvd. Spa?

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to know if there would be any interest in a spa for the Beach community? The new places going up on the Dynes property caught my eye and the potential to start a new business?? What would your opinion be, and would you come?
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