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    Path Pictures

    Opening day brochure from 2003.
  2. scotto

    The History of Bell Cairn School

  3. scotto

    Housing Development - 422-440 BEACH

    I see there is some renewed interest in the history of this property, adding one picture of the Henderson family who owners of the Texaco station circa 1940. More info here;
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    More Ships

    Captain Henry Jackman
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    Nova Scotia’s icon Theodore Tugboat moving to Ontario

    A few pictures of Theodore from today; One of the escort vessels, the Ryan K.
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    Nova Scotia’s icon Theodore Tugboat moving to Ontario

    Theodore Too’s big adventure ends in Hamilton By Cathie CowardPhotojournalist Sun., July 18, 2021 Theodore Too arrived to its new Hamilton Harbour home Sunday with fans and photographers waiting. The iconic Haligonian tugboat was purchased by Blair McKeil, president of Burlington-based McKeil...
  7. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    Using my car this morning, I noticed white blotches all over my windshield which I believe to be salt. Checking back over the last few days, the salt company moved the last pile that was delivered on July 4th to another pile one scoop at a time. Lucky for our community the winds were light and I...
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    Path Pictures

    Tug Vigilant 1 with a large crane inbound to the harbour.
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    Nova Scotia’s icon Theodore Tugboat moving to Ontario

    TIME ACTION 07:00 • Theodore TOO and Crew depart from Toronto Harbour Front • Joined by Toronto Regional Police Marine Unit Vessels • TBC Joined by HMCS York 07:05 – 09:00 • Sail to Port Credit, Mississauga • Joined by Peel Police Marine Unit Vessels • Joined by Halton Police Marine Unit Vessels...
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    Nova Scotia’s icon Theodore Tugboat moving to Ontario

    Theodore Too Draws Onlookers to Lake Ontario Shoreline A famous tugboat drew onlookers to the Lake Ontario shoreline in Northumberland County on Wednesday, July 14, 2021 to try and catch a glimpse. Theodore Too which is a 65-foot life-sized reproduction of the tugboat appearing in the television...
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    2021 Garage Sale

    This year's sale was a lot smaller due to the weather and that outside vendors were not allowed on City parks and property. We will have to get some clarification from the City for future Garage Sales to see what will be allowed. A few pictures. A couple of outside vendors tried to setup but...
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    Oct. 30, 1958: Burlington Bay Skyway completed

    Skyway bridge sends traffic over Burlington Bay Hamilton Spectator Sat., July 10, 2021 For years, gridlock worsened along the Beach strip with an inadequate road system and an inefficient lift bridge to handle traffic between Toronto and Niagara. But all that changed with the official opening of...
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    Nova Scotia’s icon Theodore Tugboat moving to Ontario

    Theodore Too proving to be a big draw along the Seaway Author of the article: Brockville Recorder Publishing date: Jul 09, 2021 Theodore Too was attracting a steady stream of fans to Prescott’s downtown waterfront area on Thursday and Friday. The life-size replica of the Theodore Tugboat...
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    Partnership Award

    Congrats to the Beach Rescue members who received their partnership from the Hamilton Police Dept.
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    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    Another ship load of salt was delivered over the weekend (July 4th) and after the last few loads, this looks like the most salt I have even seen on Eastport. Each of these piles now have to be delivered locally one truck at a time leaving our community open to more damage from the impacts of...
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    Nova Scotia’s icon Theodore Tugboat moving to Ontario

    Theodore TOO Tugboat Announces Ontario Schedule – Kingston, Toronto, and Hamilton Among Ontario Ports Published by To Do Canada On June 30, 2021 Theodore TOO berthed at Station Marina in Miramichi, NB. June 17, 2021. (CNW Group/BWTT Holdings Inc.) The Theodore TOO Tugboat, a reproduction of the...
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    Peregrine Falcons

    The new fledglings have started flying very well on their own and were keeping all the photographers busy all weekend. The falcon on the bridge handrail is one of the adults with one of the fledglings flying by;
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    954 Beach Blvd

    Any names in those files? I recall the house in my younger years as I grew up not far from there and later on lived next door for a few years, but there wasn't much to remember. There was an apartment next door that demolished in the early 70's.
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    954 Beach Blvd

    Dug this out of another thread, the fairly new houses had a listing back in 1895 and I was hoping to get a name of the owner back then, unfortunately the house is listed as vacant. It is located between the J.H. Mills, Lynden Lodge and Mrs. W.R. Mills, Heath Cottage. South of Canal - West...
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