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  1. Baxman

    May 2020 Beach Banner

    What is the code , lol it's scrambled
  2. Baxman

    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    Repeal Plan 2014 started as just a Facebook group, but has evolved into an organized committee sporting a petition to repeal the IJC’s plan with roughly 20,000 signatures. The group held a protest to further their mission Saturday afternoon, drawing residents and business owners from the...
  3. Baxman

    PHOTOS: Hamilton's Sri Lankan community helps clean up Confederation Beach Park Jul 22, 2019 by Mike Pearson  Stoney Creek News

    That is great,, maybe they have a renewed interest ## like a new cricket field 🤔
  4. Baxman

    Hydro One is back

    I was just handed an info notice from hydro one that they are going to trim some trees along the path , remember last time they decimated it . I called councillor Chad Collins office and asked if they are aware and the said they were . Oh well not going to help with shore erosion 😖
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