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    Trying to contact Scott

    I have been trying to contact you on Mods and Admins and it just keeps giving me something like "waiting for approval".
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    St. Andrew's

    A friend is helping to restore the stain glass windows from St. Andrews (Beach) are being installed in St. Matthews-Aldershot. The 3 windows at the alter in the front of the church have been repaired but there are a few letters missing and I am looking for a picture of those windows. Do you...
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    The tunnel under Dundurn

    My Mother used to tell me about Dundurn Castle. She was from the north end and said she always wanted to one day live in the Castle. In school they would go on trips to the Castle and she said there was an escape tunnel that you got into from inside the Castle and it went out to the Bay. I...
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    First Telephone on the Beach

    David emailed me and then asked I post my reply on this thread. David asked if I knew the name of the phone company on the Beach. David the only company I ever heard of was Bell Telephone. That is what it was called when I was young and on a party line. Today it's Bell Canada but it's still...
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    Coal Oil Inlet

    Just received an email with a news article regarding the finding of body of Maitland Young, jun. It was found by fisherman Fred Corey floating near Coal Oil Inlet. It isn't written near THE Coal Oil Inlet it definitely in written near Coal Oil Inlet like it is a well known place. Any ideas??
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    Railway problems on the Beach 1878

    Does anyone know what was going on with the H. & N.W. Railway in 1878 to cause a beach resident to threaten to blow up the train?
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    Beach Smugglers

    Last night I watched a documentary regarding Cornwall smugglers up to about 1835. Not what I expected at all. I have family from Cornwall and one was called Penrose. There is the story of the "Smugglers of Penrose". They put lights on the beach and lured ships in close and they got beached...
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    Anyone recognize the stores?

    I'm just cleaning up some old pictures and found this one. Three stores side by side. Any names?
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    Brant's Pond

    David wrote off list the following Hi Peggy, I don't know if Scott has changed the page, because I can't find the link to make a reply to a thread. I wanted to ask if anyone has information on how big Brant's Pond was. If you know, can I please ask you to post it to the thread? I can't...
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    Telegraph for David

    Hi David Sorry I'm tired up and didn't find your telegraph queries by doing a search. Don't know if this information is something you have or if it helps pin down the start of the telegraph on the Beach. Article from the Spectator Apr. 15, 1879 H.& N. W. R. Improvements The H. & N. W. R...
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    Absolutely love new banner. That is the Beach

    I think the thread title said it. Looks great.
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    Season's Greetings

    Just wanted to wish the list a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I did this last night then Scott went and dressed us up for turkey dinner at his house and he told me he lost my heart-felt wish so please re-do. I know he just wants everyone to think I really did finally lose it. SAFE...
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    George Chisholm

    Scott, do you know what is meant by 'custom officer at the Burlington Bay outlet? The dates here are vague, and there isn't any reference to the Burlington Canal. So were there schooners passing through the natural outlet, that were carying cargo? David this is my point of view. You will...
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    Hall family on the Beach

    David asked me to put something up on the Hall family. William Hall was born in Dublin Ireland in 1829 and grew up on the Beach. His father was John Hall and his mother Catherine. In 1849 he married Matilda Corey. Being a rather quiet man he was definitely different from the rowdy Corey...
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    Graham or Pilling Island

    When they took down the bay towers in ca 1962 the base of it that is at the very north end, in the corner by Indian Point was either named Graham's or Pilling Island. It was on maps even. I am looking for a map that has it written on it. Any help please. I gravel "island" is still there but...
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    Received these Skyway pics today

    Large pictures so I put them on my website. New page I'm just starting to put Beach news and pictures on.
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    From Outlet to Canal

    Drogo, If the cribs settled on 'the clay base' (and they must have settled, otherwise they would have continued to sink) then the 'clay base' must have been the origenal lake bed/bay bed, that was there, long before any of the sand that formed the sand bar (the beach) ever began to acumulate...
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    Hotel Brant

    The power house was on the edge of Brant's Pond north of the old outlet. In fact if was about half way between the old outlet and Brant's house. Very close to where Brant Coleman incorrectly marked the outlet inside Brant's Pond. The cut through the Beach was man made.
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    Lakeland go karts

    Anyone know when they are open? According to site 10am to 10 pm but took the grandson down and all buildings locked up. Phoned the number as well but no answer.
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    Development of Hamilton Beach Has Been Rapid

    Scott If you notice David has referenced the 1915 article you posted re: Beach Flourishing. After all the back and forth re: the ferry it was right in this article. Nice to know we are logical enough to have worked it out. BRIDGE NOT BUILT When he was a young man, Mr. Fletcher did consider...
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