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    Exchange flow through the Burlington Ship Canal

    Creator Tedford, Edmund W. The currents in the Burlington Ship Canal were found to be the result of a variety of driving mechanisms. Wind driven upwelling at the western end of Lake Ontario creates a horizontal density gradient through the canal driving baroclinic currents. Wind initiated...
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    Hydro wires on the beach - Radial Railway

    HYDRO LINES ON THE BEACH - POLES AND TOWERS. I've found a page that seems to indicate that originally the hydro wires that brought electricity from Decew Falls to Hamilton, were mounted on poles rather than towers. I'm still trying to find out when the towers were built. Hamilton within the...
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    Clarence Herbert Dean - founding member of the Hamilton Beach Rescue Unit

    This genealogy page indicates that Clarence Herbert Dean , was the founding member of the Hamilton Beach Rescue Unit.
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    The Beach Rescue Unit appeared in the 1985 Hamilton Santa Claus parade

    The Beach Rescue Unit appeared in the 1985 Hamilton Santa Claus Parade
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    Groups and Organizations Formed Strong Social Fabric

    The thread ‘News Article From 1954’ gives the names of a vast aray of social groups and organizations that were on the beach. These must have created a strong sence of community involvement and social responcibility. Where the articles reported activities such as euchre parties that were held...
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    Burlington Canal History

    "We are told that in those pioneering times, the principal topics of discussion were Politics and Religion. Running a close third in the post-war years was Public Works, which entailed the planning and building of canals." "The year 1823 was one of major interest to the people of Hamilton...
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    this is my first time on the forum. does anyone know if the Grant Trunk Railroad had two separate lines on the beach? one from Burlington to Stoney Creek, and the other, the former Hamilton and Northwestern Railroad, and the North and Northwestern Railroad? David
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