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    Appliances for Sale

    Fridge($50) /Elec.Stove($50)/Washer ($125) All are in good working order, and an excellent bargain. Call 289-244-3578 (leave me a message)
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    May seem silly, but as a kid I thought it was neat

    When I was growing up on the beach, a group of friends and myself would go behind the Beach Rescue Hall. We'd go through a hole in the fence by the QEW and there was a light pole with a 'pull-down' type switch on it about 5 or 6 feet off the ground. During the day, we could pull the switch and...
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    Belated greetings

    :rock: Hi everyone. I thought when I first registered here over a month ago I sent an initial greeting. But I guess not. So, better late then never, here goes: I grew up on the beach strip, and after 25 or so years moved back to the 'hood in April '05. My (late) dad used to lift the bridge...
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