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  1. scotto

    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    Another check of our canal meter shows the level slowly dropping below the wall rail and just at the fourth step down on the ladder. As indicated in the article below, we are still 20" higher than normal. More...
  2. scotto

    More Ships

    The CSL Laurentian following the Algoma Transport outbound.
  3. scotto

    Tugs, Workboats and more......

    Another of the Tug Ecosse outbound with the workboat William. Tug Radium Yellowknife
  4. scotto

    Beach Blvd resurfacing (full length) - bicycle lanes

    The following bike lane request was sent to Councillor Collins and passed on to us, if you have any feedback, please post it here or email me at _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________...
  5. scotto

    Hamilton group plans bridge protest, drivers should prepare for lengthy commute

    UPDATE: Environmental protest group blocks Burlington lift bridge Members of “Extinction Rebellion Hamilton” say they want draw attention to the climate crisis. News 11:56 AM by Nicole O'Reilly The...
  6. scotto

    Hamilton group plans bridge protest, drivers should prepare for lengthy commute

    Hamilton group plans bridge protest, drivers should prepare for lengthy commute by Amy Kouniakis on October 16, 2019 inthehammer Commuters in Hamilton will likely need to budget more time for their commute Thursday (Oct. 17) morning. A Reddit post shared by u/AScullionsDiary says an...
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    Back when women had no say, Tersilla ran Around the Bay

    I see the plaque was install within the last day, across from the store and not far from the Herald marker. I have attached a picture of the plaque and what is on display in honour of Tersilla. Hamilton's Around the Bay Road Race, established 1894, is the oldest road race in North America...
  8. scotto

    RIP Christine Davies

    Passed September 20, 2019 Christine's obituary Christine, Grace Davies, passed away in the embrace of her family on September 20, 2019, at age 67. She will be reunited with her late mother, Agnes (Zarazun), her father, Evert Davies and her late brothers, Bruce and Kevin. She is survived by her...
  9. scotto

    Jim Finds Lady Hamilton

    And just to prove I have the right vessel this time, from Skip Gillham's book Final Voyage II;
  10. scotto

    Jim Finds Lady Hamilton

    To make this thread even more confusing, I have corrected my picture of the Lady Hamilton (above) and started another posts on the ship that was pictured originally, the Hamiltonian...
  11. scotto

    Origin & History Of The Hamilton Beach Rescue Unit Inc.

    A couple of badges from the Beach Fire Dept. Thanks to Ross Somerville
  12. scotto

    About Dynes Tavern

    Dynes bike night ad from 2005;
  13. scotto

    Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope

    Expect some delays on November 2-3, 2019 ROAD CLOSURES ON SUNDAY FOR MARATHON Northbound Red Hill Expressway all accesses from past Dartnall Rd. to QEW, closed at 7am. Expect delays on Centennial Parkway & Mud Street from 8am to 10am. Also expect delays at Barton Street & RHVP as well as Beach...
  14. scotto

    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    River levels remain higher than average: CRCA The Recorder and Times staff Published on: October 8, 2019...
  15. scotto

    From the Top of the Lift Bridge

    For a few summers, then they said I wasn't old enough.
  16. scotto

    From the Top of the Lift Bridge

    Dug this picture from one of my old folders, so I have no idea who to credit. First building on the right is the Canal Bowling Lanes, next is the washrooms, then the bingo hall, the arcade and then the bumper cars. The Ferris wheel in the background and the pedestrian bridge is still standing...
  17. scotto

    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    Attached is the real time September water levels for Lake Ontario, roughly a .3 meter drop. Hopefully the level drops much more before winter comes. Climate change: Will it change your federal election vote? October3rd, 2019 by Matthew Van Dongen The Hamilton Spectator The...
  18. scotto

    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    Lower water level plan gaining steam Belleville, ON, Canada / Quinte News John Spitters September 30, 2019 10:22 am From left to right: Mayors Marg Isbester, Napanee, Brian Ostrander, Brighton, Mitch Panciuk, Belleville, Jim Harrison, Quinte West, and Warden of Hastings County Rick Phillips...
  19. scotto

    2019 Beach Reunion

    Another good year and turnout, many thanks to the organizers Carol, Darlene and Brian and to band for some great music.
  20. scotto

    September 2019 Meeting Minutes

    Many thanks to Lisa Whitherington.
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