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    2018 Annual Beach Garage Sale

    any idea when the yard sale will be this year?
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    Hows the traffic?

    Just curious after that dump truck accident...How is the traffic down there? I was thinking of coming from hamilton by bus to beachway park on sunday....will it be a traffic nitemare?
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    Walmart question.....

    I was curious to know what stores they are currently building beside the new walmart on centeniel prkway. anyone know? Im gonna say either staples or canadian tire or dollarama. :D
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    Do you go to the beach?

    Just often do you visit the beach? do you take walks along the you avoid it during holidays as the crowds are insane. :crazy18: are there any favorite areas you like. I havent been since last canada day was just so crowded i try to avoid that now, plus...
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    Info on new condos/apts on the beach?

    Since my in-laws are looking to downsize i was wondering what the price range for these new homes are? does anyone know? also what would the condo fees be? thanks 4 any info.
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    Anyone still go to Hutch's?

    :cool: I dunno but the food seems to be getting worse. I use to LOVE going for the fish & chips , but the last 3 times i was very disapointed. 80% of The fries were black at both ends & very hard. :nonono: Also if im paying $5.40 for a piece of fish i expect a DECENT size of fish & not a...
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    2010 Beach Garage Sale

    DOES anyone know the date of this years yard sale?
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    Have you been swimming this yr?

    Has anyone been in the lake this summer? wondering what the temp. & qaulity was like. :inn: Hopefully it will stop raining long enough for me to take a dip...:rolleyes:
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    Beach Rd. real estate?

    :o we plan on moving in a few yrs & was gonna check out the real estate on beach rd..but i cannot figure out how to view any listings on-line? are there no homes for sale right now? I tried , remax. ae lapage..etc. just curious as to what homes are going for on the...
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    Bragging bout my kitty~~~

    This is my cat "baba"...we adopted her from the spca..& she is on the cover of septembers spca Calender~~:rock: She has US trained very well indeed~~ Shot with Canon PowerShot A720 IS at 2008-05-02 Shot with Canon PowerShot A720 IS at 2008-05-19
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    How do they clean the sand?

    I was just wondering why the beach on the burlington side of the liftbridge is so much finer & cleaner (less stoney) I was there on weds. & I walked from beachway park past the liftbridge..& what a difference! maybe its b/c the burl.side has more visitor friendly perks like showers/snack...
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    Hows the water?

    Hi all... I want to go to Beachway park But am wondering if the water is still FRIGID? :( I think this is the cleanest beach around...its just lovely!~~ I prefer swimming in the lake rather than wild waterworks(too busy)
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