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    Santa Pictures

    This Friday (December 14th) all Beach kids can get their picture taken with Santa. Starts around 7pm at the Beach Rescue hall and any Beach kid will get two free pictures.
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    Toronto Port Complaints

    We are not alone with having issues with the Port Authority, check the attached document. "… The Toronto Port Authority (TPA) needs to start acting as an agency of the federal government, and by extension, concerned about the public interest. It needs to deal fairly and openly with the City of...
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    271 Beach Blvd.

  4. scotto

    271 Beach Blvd.

  5. scotto

    271 Beach Blvd.

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    Is the bridge up?

    I get a lot people asking me about the schedule for the Lift Bridge, during the warm weather pleasure craft can transit the canal on the hour and on the half hour, there is some push at present to get this delayed during the morning rush hour but that hasn't happened yet and may never happen...
  7. scotto

    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    Now we re-start the cycle, the level will slowly raise depending on the weather conditions. Thanks for the updates!
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    2 Locarno Ave

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    Sink A Ship Food Drive!

    Hopefully no rain next year! It was a successful food drive as Beach Rescue collected over 2100 lbs of food from residents. Many thanks to all those who donated and to the crew of the Rescue unit.
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    Beach Halloween 2018

    Adding more one more
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    Sink A Ship Food Drive!

    This has already been posted, so just a friendly reminder for tomorrow's food drive. Hamilton Beach Rescue Unit – Sink A Ship Food Drive! On Monday, November 12th, the volunteers of the Hamilton Beach Rescue Unit will be delivering a shopping bag with a flyer to your mailbox regarding...
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    Old Christmas Poems

    These old poems from the Dynes dated late 50's to early 60's were donated by Doug Dean, Doug passed away a year ago this month. I have attached one and the rest can be viewed in the Gallery.
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    Coyote jumps boy in second Hamilton-area incident in just over a week

    Also check out an old thread on the coyote topic;
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    Coyote jumps boy in second Hamilton-area incident in just over a week

    From 2017 See a coyote? Keep your distance: Burlington Animal Control Department offers tips on how to reduce conflicts between coyotes and humans, pets Jan 17, 2017 by John Bkila Burlington Post...
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    Coyote jumps boy in second Hamilton-area incident in just over a week

    City offers coyote safety tips for pets Residents shouldn’t let their pets off leash while on a walk November 17th, 2018 The Hamilton Spectator Coyote experts say there is no reason to suspect the...
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    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    This reading looks encouraging, unless we monsoon rains we should be about the same as last year or even lower as we are roughly .2 meters lower.
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    Path Pictures

    A couple from member Maggie Fall colours near the Trail at Confederation Park A new bench near CCIW. The quote from the plaque; "It's not about the work, it's the people I enjoy- Niki Kish The tower near Killarney Ave was lite up for a movie shoot, I believe the title of the movie was Ransom.
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    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    What would she think about having all that salt beside her house, good find! From November 25th, the Salt company and the Port have stopped inbound ships from listing their location on AIS, this pile appeared late last week. I will have to watch the ships a little better. AIS...
  19. scotto

    RIP Melissa Laking

    Published Date: 01:37 AM Event Date: Nov 12, 2018 LAKING, Melissa Ann It is with great sadness the family would like to announce the sudden loss of Melissa. Loving daughter of Judy and step-father Hugh Kennedy. Dear daughter of Harry Laking. Predeceased by her daughter Juliann. Beloved...
  20. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    I noticed a large amount of a salt looking blotches all the my vehicles last Saturday and this happen again today, I checked the piles over on Eastport and they were covered but I called the MOE anyway to check. It seems the Port or their tenant are cleaning up old salt piles that have been...
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