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  1. scotto

    Sink a Ship Food Drive Date Change

    5th Annual Hamilton Beach Rescue Unit Sink-a-Ship Food Drive In the past FOUR years, the Beach Strip Community collected 10,878 POUNDS of food and we are Asking our community to donate again in hopes To sink our ship and help our city food bank!! On Saturday, November 19th, 2022 please...
  2. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    The salt pile on pier 22 was finally covered today (October 24th), eighteen days after it was unloaded. October 14th shows still open; And another from October 18th;
  3. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    On Monday October 10th, I checked the neighbourhood and found many impacted areas most notably the 440 condos. The substance looked to be a combination of salt and an aggregate. I checked the pile over at pier 22 and it was left open for the entire long weekend, the Port has now widen the...
  4. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    New change, a load of alt was dropped off on October 5th (Wednesday) at pier 22 which is on the opposite side of the harbour from the Beach community. The Port tenant then proceed to slowly move the pile over about 100 yards to the north just before a long weekend. In this time there were...
  5. scotto

    Group hopes to restore a piece of Hamilton history few people even know about

    Update; The re pointing is moving ahead, the cleaned out concrete has been replaced and it looks like they contractor is using pipe to fill deep inside the brick work.
  6. scotto

    September 2022 Beach Banner

    Many thanks to the Editor Lorraine Hughes.
  7. scotto

    954 Beach Blvd

    Great pictures, where did you find them?
  8. scotto

    954 Beach Blvd

    I see Carlo all the time, I will check with him. I have gone through my old maps and a couple have some info. A large blue map dated 1925 has John Brown Sr. owning eight lots across from Third Ave. This map (not a good copy) was completed by J.W. Tyrrell & Co. of Hamilton, However there is a...
  9. scotto

    954 Beach Blvd

    Good find, didn't know that John Brown owed any property on the Beach as worked at many different locations far from here building more lighthouses. I will ask Carlo about living there, he has never told me about that. Thx
  10. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    Another ship load being dropped off on August 14th, that was then merged with a larger pile one scoop at a time. A wider view of the large pile being made into an even bigger pile. Just to show how big and how close these piles are to our community, this is the end of Knapman Ave. Another...
  11. scotto

    Group hopes to restore a piece of Hamilton history few people even know about

    I have been informed that the old mortar has been removed and ready for replacement.
  12. scotto

    Sunrise along the pier

    From yesterday; a sunset on the Harbour.
  13. scotto

    Pics I Scanned

    One addition from the book Hamilton Skyline 1971, still trying to figure out which CSL vessel is transiting the canal. Also, the Wildmouse ride is just visible at the north end of the amusement park.
  14. scotto

    Group hopes to restore a piece of Hamilton history few people even know about

    The pointing project is under way and a lot of the old mortar has been remove, the picture shows a lower section of the lighthouse. The inside also looks like there is some mortar missing; And just to show how thick the lighthouse at the bottom, this is the entrance way, must be at least...
  15. scotto

    Lighthouse restoration

    Good to hear from you Mike, the workers are on site grinding out the old mortar. Looks like an endless job.
  16. scotto

    Group hopes to restore a piece of Hamilton history few people even know about

    To show why this pointing project is important, here are the photos showing the collapse of the outer wythe of a portion of the Nottawasaga Lighthouse. It was constructed by the John Brown who also built the Burlington Canal Lighthouse. The link below has details of light towers are...
  17. scotto

    More Beach Wildlife

    Coyote filmed on the Trail, this was sent in by a Beach resident, so I don't know the exact location.
  18. scotto

    Group hopes to restore a piece of Hamilton history few people even know about

    The restoration is finally under way. Pictures from the last couple of week showing the structure being enclosed to have the mortar upgraded.
  19. scotto

    Path Pictures

    Another sunset over the Skyway Near the Kinsman Park. The sandboni near the Dynes condos.
  20. scotto

    Happy Birthday

    Happy big 80th Jake T.
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