That seemed to be the plan though ("dire predictions") and look at what we had to put up with over on Eastport Dr now, but until I read these old articles, I had no idea that the Province was also in giving away our bayshore to the Port. The Beach must not become an "oasis", well why not?

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It was learned also that the government does not believe a metropolitan plan — like that of Toronto — is necessary or wise for Hamilton just now. The government believes Hamilton can grow best and have its best government by orderly and continuing annexation.
The attitude regarding Burlington Beach is that it must not come an "oasis" in Wentworth County, but rather that it must become part of the city whose wharfage and industrial plants, may one day ring the bay.
Looking To Seaway '
The Hamilton Harbour Commission has already drafted extensive plans for the industrial future of the bay, and the government believes that none of these will be too "far fetched" when the new seaway sends more ocean-going ships into the port.
The government believes that it must act at once in both Beach and Saltfleet cases, because, according to one spokesman, "we didn't let Hamilton get itself into the position Toronto was when the metropolitan plan was adopted. Hamilton is a big city and it is going to be a great deal bigger. We must act now with the orderly annexation to give it a healthy growth."