Sent in by David

To His Excellency Sir Francis Bond Head Lieutenant Governor of the Province Upper Canada & c & c & c
MAY IT PLEASE YOUR Excellency The Commissioners for the Burlington Bay beg leave most respectfully to Report on the state of the work entrusted to their care The Commissioners had the honor of your Excellency on the 8th of July last on that state and that the immediate repairs being made to the South Pier Lake Ontario with the view of saving so a channel from total destruction Upon which Your Excellency with the advice of the Honorable the Executive Council was the sum of £750 from the Crown funds the necessary repairs of the Burlington Bay which repairs have been made The Commissioners have the honor of having an account of expenditures in the repairs estimated for amounting to £671 5s 10 d having a balance in their hands of £78 14s 13 d The Commissioners conceive the following pairs and alterations necessary to the safety of the Canal which when completed will tend much to the convenience and ease of schooners and steamers entering the same viz. The removing a part of the North Pier in Lake Ontario Narrowing or contracting the Channel of the Canada to more uniform width. Extending the North Pier farther out into Lake Ontario with a wider entrance from the same. Constructing a Pier on the South side. Making more substantial Butments to the Swing Bridge. A Light House on the Beach with revolving lights and better lamps on the extremity of the piers. To effect the alterations and improvements abovementioned it will require the sum of £4500 which the Commissioners will be Your Excellency will be leased to the attention of the Legislature All of which is most respectfully submitted By Your Excellency's Most humble servants Signed
December 7 1836