271 Beach Blvd Development – OMB Appeal

We won!

Background: In 2015 the City of Hamilton received an application to build 2 semi-detached style buildings (4 units) at 271 Beach Blvd. The applicant also proposed the relocation of the existing single family home to the front of the lot. In consultation with the Beach Community Council, and neighbouring residents, we decided to oppose the application as it would set a dangerous precedent that might encourage other developers to purchase large beach lots and squeeze multiple units onto properties originally designed for single family homes. Dozens of residents signed my online petition, and many attended the planning committee meeting where we were able to convince City Council to oppose the application for the following reasons: it did not conform with the Beach Neighbourhood Plan, it did not conform with the density, form or character of development in the surrounding area, the site was too small for 5 residential units, and it would result in the loss of a home with heritage value (constructed in 1906).

With the denial at City Council, the applicant appealed their plan to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), with the board hearing held in June. I’m pleased to announce that we have received the OMB decision and the application has been dismissed! A special thank you to the residents who appeared before the City’s Planning Committee and at the OMB hearings. Thank you to the Beach Community Council for their guidance and assistance, and the dozens of residents who signed the online petition, and those without access to email who mailed letters or called my office with their support. The OMB decision is important, as it reaffirms the guiding development principles contained in the Beach Neighbourhood Plan and will assist with pending applications at 865 Beach Blvd and elsewhere, where developers have proposed similar plans.

Copies of the decision are available through my office. Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions you might have.