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Compared to the last two Februarys, there hasn't been the sharp incline this year, not yet anyway.
Maybe some good news;



In the past month, water levels for Lakes Michigan-Huron, Erie, and Ontario have stayed near the same level, while Lake Superior declined 3 inches and Lake St. Clair declined 2 inches. Currently, water levels for all the Great Lakes remain above long-term average levels, but only Lakes Superior, Michigan-Huron, and Ontario are experiencing levels higher than this time last year. Lake Superior continues to see water levels close to the record high monthly water level and is currently 2 inches below the record high February level. In the next month, Lake Superior is expected to decline 2 inches, while Lakes Michigan-Huron and Ontario are expected to stay close to their current levels. Lakes St. Clair and Erie are expected to rise by 8 and 5 inches, respectively. See our Daily Levels web page for more water level information. http://lre-wm.usace.army.mil/Forecas...elsEnglish.pdf
It is good news but need to remember that the IJC has Lake Ontario on a record maximum discharge for this time of the year due to the influx of water from Lake Erie. All of this will come to an end soon once the spring thaw starts, that is when I will start to really worry about it.