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Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

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Thread: Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

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    Speaking of hurricanes, here is a neat link;-64.5;4&l=wind-900hpa

    have a go at it, you can move the map around, change the cursor to show temp, wind speed, zoom in and out, etc. Under the settings tab you can switch back and forth from metric to imperial measurements and at the bottom of the page you can change the date and time. The last part is based on assumption by the creator and where they pull their weather model from for the information, so it’s not gospel. Already since yesterday, the link has changed Irma’s approach to the great lakes and wind direction for the middle of next week-still way too early to tell.

    Looking at the National Hurricane Center and various news outlets, Irma is agreed to be south of the Bahamas by Saturday but after that its looks like it’s any ones guess where it will go. But I agree with you Scott, let’s hope it travels on a path east of us, way east. The lake level may have gone down some but is still way too high, any storm now with easterly strong winds will cause serious damage to the beach area.

    Adding another link if you are interested to see what impact Irma's storm surge can cover. I have it set at 10 feet, you can adjust this number up or down. News feeds state the surge that will hit Florida can be as low as 5 feet up to and over 20 feet, that does not include any wave heights. Same as the link above you can zoom in and out and move the map around.
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