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We seem to have gotten the rough water on mostly Thursday instead, so it did happen. I notice today that the rail on the north pier is becoming visible, if we can get it below the rail, most of the pumping will be over.
I would add a picture, but Photobucket is getting rid of site links, I will have to find another way to post pictures.

As of this week, both Beach Rescue vessels now fit under the Bridge, more good news.

It’s good to see the Waterfront Trail open yesterday and its good to read Rescue can now get under the bridge.


Just wondering if the City can approach the Feds for some financial relief on the damage done and still to be determined?
There is an advantage to being on the North eastern side of this lake, erosion and waves hit us less
As for our neighbours on the other side of the this lake, looks like they will be getting hit later today


As for the IJC and the current “2014 plan”, may look different in the near future. Depending on how the soon to be new seats are filled