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Friday April 6th , the average level is at 75.08 M

The IJC forecasted the level around this date to be 74.79 M
Per Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Since 2007, April lake level average was 74.94 M
Surface water temperature by the lift bridge is 40 F

Next reading date is Friday May 4th.

Reading date / Lake Average 2018
Apr 6 – 74.97
Mar 23 – 74.918
Mar 09 – 74.99
Feb 23 – 74.973
Feb 09 – 74.90
Jan 26 – 74.95
Jan 12 – 74.81 M
Reading date / Lake Average 2017
Dec 27 – 74.71 M
Dec 8 – 74.795
Nov 24 – 74.89
Nov 9 – 74.929
Oct 27 – 74.83
Oct 10 – 74.95
Sept 29 – 74.99
Sept 15 – 75.12
Sept 1 – 75.28
Aug 18 - 75.47
Aug 4 - 75.6
July 22 - 75.71

Spring thaw finally kicks into high gear.
This last storm gave us a month’s amount of rain in just a few days which makes up for the relatively dry spell we have gone thru. Now with the forecast for the daily temps to go double digits and lots of sunshine for the next several days, expect to see the lake level to rise as the snow pack around us begins to melt quickly.

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City of Hamilton offers ‘compassionate grants’ to those with ice storm damage

By Ken Mann Reporter 900 CHML

There's millions of dollars in new trail damage to be repaired along Hamilton's waterfront trails, following last weekend's ice storm.
City of Hamilton
Hamilton city councillors have moved to declare last weekend’s freezing rain storm a “disaster.”
The designation allows residents who experienced flooding, especially along the Lake Ontario shoreline, to apply to the residential municipal disaster relief assistance program.
The city’s compassionate grant program offers a maximum $1,000 per resident.
READ MORE: City of Hamilton crews dealing with aftermath of spring ice storm
Stoney Creek Coun. Maria Pearson admitted that it’s a “pittance,” but still, “a little bit of help that we can provide” to a few dozen homeowners affected by a dramatic storm surge.
Coun. Chad Collins added that he’ll be bringing a separate motion in regards to “millions” of dollars in needed repairs along the city’s waterfront trails.
His motion will also ask staff to discuss the potential for design changes if “this sort of thing is going to happen on a regular basis.”
READ MORE: ‘Potentially historic’ ice storm arrives in southern Ontario; closures, crashes reported
Collins noted there’s still a backlog of repairs to be completed after last year’s high water levels caused erosion damage along the shoreline.
A City of Hamilton spokesperson said they have reports of damage to parts of the trail and beach along Lake Ontario between the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge and Confederation Park. The spokesperson said staff are working with the Hamilton Conservation Authority to assess damages and make plans for repairs.
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