1895 'Census' of Beach residents


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
Great find and thanks, there are some famous names with some long history. I will see if I can scan the article and post it so it is a little easier to read.


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
Who is over at the Beach

A truthful record of Hamilton Beach Cottages

The works of the Parks Committee making itself felt on the sandy strip - grows more like a summer desert every day - A complete cottage directory.

While it is not likely that Ald. Thos Morris claims for himself the honor of being in every sense a model alderman, yet it is withal a fact that of all the work done by any committee chairman in this or last year's council, none shows up with better effect than that of the energetic manipulator of park affairs. And this is particularly true of arrangements and rearrangements at the beach. Ald. Morris saw possibilities in Hamilton beach, and he sought to develop them. In so far as he has proceeded he has done well, and results up to date are of such an encouraging nature as to call for further and greater effort next year. People who had grown used to the beach as it was last year and for many years past will be surprised at the change the removal of the old frame shanties opposite the Lakeside house has worked. The opening of six avenues through to the lake and the planting of trees on each of them is another vast improvements, and the additional park property secured adds further charm to the place. In fact, the beach is now beginning to be what it can and ought to be - a well-planned, well laid out summer resort, in everything restful to the mind, body and eye. It is not all it might be yet, but beginning has been made, and the steps already taken in the right direction will make improvement easier in the future.
The cottages along the beach road are rapidly filling up, and within a week there will be but few vacant buildings from one end to the other. as it is now, there are over one hundred families settled in summer quarters. Campers have not et begun to pitch their tents. Many new houses have gone up and are going up. Adam Zimmerman will have in a few weeks a fine residence on the south side, as will also W.G. Landsmen. On the north side Geo. F. Jelfs, police magistrate, has a fine new house, and many other new cottages are occupied. Fresh paint is odorous from one end of the beach to the other, and every effort is being made by the residents to keep pace with Chairman Morris' improvements. The following is a list of the families now at the beach or who will be there within a few days, pleasantly situated in cottages. If forms a complete director of the cottage residents, so far as at present located:

North of Canal - East Side
C. Judd.
Magistrate Jells.
Ald. Judd.
J.F. Leigh man, Modjeska cottages.
Thos. Irwin
W.J. Carroll
John Crooks
W. McFadden
F. Hutton
John Campbell, Dumbarton
F. Harrison
J. Irwin, Lorna Doone
R. Christie, Tarry A while
Three vacant houses.
Wm. Farley
James Stewart
H.W. Philp, Rest A while
Y.M.C.A. bicycle
Camp Comfort
J. McPhail

North of Canal - West Side

Wm. Bruce, Camp Macassa
City boat houses
W.J. Cunningham and guests
W. Lees
White House club
Alex. Monroe, Dunrobin
J.H. Quarry
Two Vacant houses

South of Canal - East Side

N.D. Galbreaith, Brightside
W.A. Wood
W.J. Shamrock
Three Vacant cottages
The Willows
Mrs. Robb, The Bungalow
The Arlington
Geo. T. Tuckett

First Avenue intersects
C.M. Counsell
Alf Powis
W.J. Lindsay
Tennis Court

Second Avenue intersects
Robt Hobson
R. Hills, Ka-we-ah
Ald. Hancock
Donald McPhie, Renton cottages

Third Avenue intersects
Adam Zimmerman
Oswald Carscallen
E. Willard
F.E. Kilvert, The Moorings
Dr. Geo. Husband
F. Mackelcan, Q.C.
W. Worthington, Conwynn cottage

Fourth Avenue intersects
T.H. Pratt, Eydle-Den
W. Somerville
W. Sweet

Fifth Avenue intersects
T. McFarlane
C.W. Makins, Angle View
Ross Wilson, Idle side
Mrs. Orr, Langham

Sixth Avenue intersects
James Dixon
P. Carse
Wm. Murray
W.G. Lumsden, Jersey Willa
T. Kilgour, Sunnyside
Holiday House
Mrs. Fold
N. Corey

South of Canal - West Side
Two vacant houses
Mrs. Frank Mannoch
Hon. J.M. Gibson, TheGables
W.H. Glassco
John W. Bickle, Willowmere
Mrs. L.H. Brooks, Kinrara
H.S. Stephens, The Wigwam
G.S. Papps, The Court
Frank H. Mills, BeauRivage.
R.M. Wanser, TheWillows
Edward McLaughlin
Dr. S. Cummings
J.H. Mills, Lynden Lodge
Mrs. W.R. Mills, Heath Cottage
J. Hughes
Jackson Sanford, Green Tables
S. Morrison, Killarney
Wallace Young
J.P. Steedman
Jas. Robertson
Two vacant houses
R. Thomas, Rose Cottage
Frank E. Walker, Bonnieview
J.A. Webber
W.L. Cummer
J. Holden

On the north side it will be seen that the White House club, which last year was comfortably settled on the site of Magistrate Jelfs’ new house, is away down the beach and on the other side of the road. The members of the club do not want people to think that they moved away to get out of the magistrate’s way at all, for they are the quietest lot of people on the beach-after sleeping times comes. The people on the north side are proud of the fact that they have no hotel or saloon in their midst and it is said there can never be one started there, as the property is all bought up or held. One of the features of the north side is the Lily club, composed of all the young people of the neighbourhood. W.E. Irwin whose blindness will not allow him the pleasure of reading, has presented each of the club’s members with a testament, and each day some of the reads a chapter to him. The rest of the time, so ‘tis said, the President of the club, Miss Lillie Campbell, has all her time taken up clubbing the club members, who will be unruly. Below civilization on the north side are a few tents, run by the bicycle boys. It will be several weeks before the long line of white canvasses show where the campers live on this side. Anyway to the south and near Dynes’ is what is known as shackville. It is a colony of about 20 shacks, all occupied, and the district is cared for by Ald. Phillips and Morris. The Van Wagner colony is rapidly filling up and by July 1 all the lakeside idling places will be fully occupied.


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Oct 15, 2009
Surprising how many vacant buildings there were then. But at that time most of the buildings were used as cottages back then.


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
Surprising how many vacant buildings there were then. But at that time most of the buildings were used as cottages back then.
Yes, most if not all were just summer "cottages", but they were full size houses by today's standards. I lived in one for many years, it was room enough to be a two family dwelling.

And the article was from late June, so some could of just not been ready to move into their summer residence yet or some of the cottages could of just been built.
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