507 Beach Blvd


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
I picked this picture up of an old house on the Beach. There is a message on the back stating that the picture was taken on Hamilton Beach and at Station 6, which would be close to Bell Cairn School. I don't think the house is around anymore, but I took the magnifying glass to a scanned close up and on the porch post, beside the tree it looks to be the numbers 507. That would put it across the street from the new antique shop, Ryan's Drugstore and Skyway Canvas use to be there. At present there are no houses on that stretch of empty lots and I see no reason why the house would be gone except that it could of burnt down. The only building I recall back in there was the old Royal Bank that was later on turned into a residence, which I assume was bought by the City back in the 1970's and demolished.
The message was written by Polly and I can't decipher her last name.


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