A bird B&B on Hamilton’s beach strip


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
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A bird B&B on Hamilton’s beach strip

By Barry Gray Photo journalist
Sat., Jan. 16, 2021
Rob Holdaway is a true friend to the beach strip’s feathered flock.
Nine years ago, Rob built an arbour at the side of his Beach Boulevard home on Kilarney Avenue. Built specifically, he says, to put birdhouses on it.

Rob Holdaway stands beneath his unique collection of birdhouses at his Beach Boulevard home.Barry Gray/The Hamilton Spectator
Nearly a decade later, it’s covered — more than 40 — and counting. Some he built, some were purchased. He replaces as they break down, and continues to add. There are four more almost ready to take their place, somewhere on the structure where he can make room.

Not all are the traditional birdhouse shape, as seen by one depicted as a tiny motor home.Barry Gray/The Hamilton Spectator
The whimsical piece is an eye catcher for many walking the waterfront trail nearby, stopping for a closer look or a photo.
And yes, Rob says, the birds do come, and take advantage of a free home.

Bright colours help each house stand out from its neighbours.Barry Gray/The Hamilton Spectator

Welcome friends, and welcome Raiders fans, Rob's favourite NFL football team.Barry Gray/The Hamilton Spectator

This house uses a household tap as a perch for the birds.Barry Gray/The Hamilton Spectator

The arbour was built nine years ago, specifically to support birdhouses.Barry Gray/The Hamilton Spectator

This house features a tiny ladder below.Barry Gray/The Hamilton Spectator

An arbour on Kilarney Avenue on Hamilton's beach strip is home to an impressive, eclectic display of all manner of birdhouses.Barry Gray/The Hamilton Spectator
Barry Gray is a Hamilton-based photojournalist at The Spectator. Reach him via email: bgray@thespec.com
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