A New Spin on Local Efforts for World Water Day


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
Hello and thank you for considering.

There is a unique way for everyone to easily participate in the water conservation and stewardship efforts encouraged by World Water Day's 2018 message to emulate nature's efforts in caring for itself.

"Canadians can use small-scale practices carried out around the house to conserve and protect water sources. Most of us are well informed about the benefits of turning off the tap and taking shorter showers, but fewer people may realize that every rainfall presents its own opportunity for conscientious water stewardship."

Please see the below and attached press release for your March 22nd World Water Day stories.

Additional information, local contacts and photos for your use are available at RainBarrel.ca/Media-Resources

Thank you

Leah Pomerantz
RainBarrel.ca and RainBarrelFundraising.com


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