Air quality


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Jan 21, 2013
Hi out there: I didn't do enough research before I moved down to beach blvd are....just wondering if anyone could enlighten me on what the bad smells are in the air and if anyone knows what it is we are breathing in.....thanks so much !!!


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
A Beach residents sent this in to me;


I have lived on the strip for over 8 years. Today I complained to the MOE for the first time. The air quaility yesterday was bad but today I really had to catch by breath outside! It had seemed to improve for a few years but over the past year it is declining again. I wonder if our city is turning a blind eye in fear of industry loss? The amount of fallout on our homes is tangible evidence of the air quality issues. I see our taxes increase but the elephant in the room is that we have to put up with potentila damage to health and to our homes. As the person new to the beach states in the air quality thread, no one tells you how bad it is until you find out for yourself when you move in.
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