Build a Crafters Row and they will come.


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
Our friend Colwyn Beynon in the news. :tbu:

IDEA No. 10 -- Build a Crafters Row on the beach

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(April 22, 2005) -- While almost all of our contributors have focused on looking forward, local historian Colwyn G. Beynon cast a long look back to come up with his crowd-pleaser: "Allow crafters to set up small tents on the lakeside of the waterfront trail, where their wares could be sold to the strolling public."

The 72-year-old's lyrical e-mail spoke of the city's past public attractions and amenities, things like the incline railway, the ferry service and boat rentals, the open-air farmers' market and the Beach Strip amusement park.

"Reinvent the physical dreams that make people stay in town," Beynon urged. "Give visitors something shocking to remember us by other than filthy smokestacks. Create affordable traditions to make us all feel proud of our heritage."

A Crafters Row of bright white tents strung out along the sand would cost little, he points out, and accomplish much -- giving more people a reason to tarry on the trail while supporting local artisans.

Build a Crafters Row and they will come.

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