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Oct 7, 2013
The beach store may soon stop carrying bus tickets due to latest change of HSR.

Long long time ago, HSR assigned number of local stores as their ticket agents. The members of this group have never changed ever since. The ticket agent system works this way: the agents will call to place an order for bus tickets from HSR. HSR will deliver the tickets to their stores at 1% discount off retail price. The member stores are required to sell the tickets at regulated retail price. In other words, ticket agent stores are selling bus tickets making 1% profit at no extra costs to them.

Since HSR is no longer accepting new stores as their ticket agent. Those non-agent stores who wish to sell bus tickets will have to buy bus tickets at Hunter St bus station at retail price and re-sell the tickets at slightly higher price to cover the costs. Our beach store is not ticket agent store. We have been doing this way to make the bus tickets available in the past 5 years or so. But this is all about to change now.

The latest HSR bus tickets have retail prices printed on the tickets. We can see this as HSR's action to enforce their retail price. We may have to back out this business from now on. Your nearest place to get bus tickets will be Glow Variety (ticket agent store) in the future.

Any other thoughts or comments are welcome as to what else can we do to keep selling bus tickets at our local store? We like to hear from our customers.

Thanks you all for your loyal support.
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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
Unlicensed Retailers Selling HSR Bus Tickets for Profit?

HSR bus tickets are an alternative to paying cash when you board an HSR bus. Using tickets (or the PRESTO card) is a quicker way to pay and makes boarding the bus more efficient. Rather than fumbling with change at the farebox, and making sure that you have exact change, a ticket is quicker and easier. And it’s cheaper too. Using the PRESTO card or a bus ticket will cost an adult $2.00 rather than the $2.55 cash fare. A child ticket costs just $1.65.
There is nothing technically that the HSR can do about unlicensed retailers selling tickets as there is nothing illegal occurring. While taking advantage of transit users need for bus tickets for profit is not cool, there is nothing against the law in buying a good and selling it for profit.

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