Carlo Caligaro 25 Years of Service


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
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25 + Years of Service
The following members have retired after 25 years of service to the CCGA

Carlo Caligaro
As a volunteer, Carlo joined Hamilton Beach Rescue in 1974. HBRU joined the CMRA in 1986. Carlo´s membership # is 1134. By December 1998 Carlo had completed SAR I, II and III. In addition, he completed the OBS 1 course (CSVE).
Carlo undertook additional SAR courses in 1999, 2003 and 2006.
He says: " I thoroughly enjoyed being a PCCC (#236) examiner and speaking to many boaters about safety, navigation and etc."
"I took a course and certified as an examiner / instructor for the ROC maritime. Along the way I became chief of the Hamilton Beach Rescue unit. Throughout my life I have enjoyed all aspects of your organization (CCGA) It made me achieve many outside goals beyond family and what´s important in life."
"I wish you and the CCGA all the best in the future and thank you for all the work being done."

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