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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
Councillor Chad Collins: Neighbourhood Report


Efforts to restore and replant the areas on the Beach impacted by Hydro One's recent clear cut activity, is well underway In consultation and in cooperation with my office, the City of Hamilton's Forestry Division has retained Dugan & Associates to devise a neighbourhood landscape and replanting plan with area residents. Funds have been secured to replant native grasses, shrubs and trees along the beach, in neighbourhood parks, open spaces and on other public property
Prior to planting any new material, I'm anxious to form a committee with area residents who can assist with the development of the plan and replanting efforts. All interested parties are encouraged to contact my office for meeting dates and times.

If you require a new blue box to increase your household recycling activities or to replace lost or damaged boxes, please contact my office and I will personally deliver one (or more) to your home.

The Ward 5 website is currently 'under construction', and will be up and running again in July Throughout the year, I email a number of community updates via E-News reports. If you're not already receiving E-News updates, you can sign up by emailing me at and I will add your household to the distribution list.

The City of Hamilton's 2016 capital budget includes the necessary resources to repave Queenston Road from Eastgate Square to Pottruff Road. It's anticipated that all 5 lanes (as well as select sidewalk and ramp replacement) will be repaved during the summer months to reduce the impact on local businesses and the City's transit system. The project completion date is October 2016.

In 2015 the City of Hamilton added another 1km to the waterfront trail through Confederation Park, in the vicinity of the former camp ground area. The project also included a wood observation deck along the east shore of Stoney Creek Pond and a gravel parking area. City staff has recently installed a new play structure adjacent to the 'Beaches Grill & Patio' in Confederation Park. Future projects in 2016-17 include gateway improvements, a new way-finding signage strategy, additional tree planting and the addition of pickleball courts in the west end of the park.

If you're aware of a cracked, broken or slanted sidewalk that poses a threat to pedestrian safety, please contact my office and I'll ensure temporary repairs are made until permanent restoration work is scheduled.

I am pleased to announce that the City's Planning Committee and Hamilton City Council unanimously denied the development application to construct 4 semi-detached units (and one single family home) at 271 Beach Blvd.
Thank you to the hundreds of residents who signed the two online petitions, and to the strong and forceful delegation that attended the City's planning meeting to voice their concerns. Your opposition to the application and ongoing support of the Beach Neighbourhood Plan helped defeat an application that would have set a dangerous precedent for future developments.
Please note that the applicant has 20 days from the date of the denial to appeal the City's decision to the (Provincial) Ontario Municipal Board. I will continue to keep you posted with any and all developments related to the file.

CN Rail's contractor continues its work on the Centennial Parkway rail overpass. According to those involved with the project, it's anticipated that the bridge work will be completed by September, 2016. Through August and September, traffic lanes will be opened along Centennial in the vicinity of the bridge area and construction crews will begin the task of decommissioning the current bypass road.
The Province's 'Metrolinx' organization is currently making plans to retrofit the bridge to accommodate a future GO Station at this location. Plans are underway to tender a project that will secure a firm to undertake the necessary detailed design. It's anticipated that a new GO Station might be operational by 2021.
In the interim, Metorlinx plans to relocate the GO Bus Service (drop off & loading area) from its current location at Barton Street East and Nash Road North, to the property adjacent to the bridge area. I'll be certain to share additional information once it's made available.

Congratulations to the executive and volunteer members of the Hamilton Beach Rescue Unit who recently celebrated a 'dedication ceremony' for their new boat 'Rescue 162' Members of the HBRU have served the City and its citizens since 1957, providing all season assistance to those in need on our local waterways. Thank you for your past and present service!

City of Hamilton Parks Department staff is currently working to design and install a new park entrance sign for Windermere Basin Park. The sign should be installed by mid-July Located on the south-east end of Eastport Drive, the 25 hectare natural park sits on reclaimed industrial lands, and was created by the Hamilton Waterfront Trust and City hi 2007

As you are well aware, housing prices have steadily increased on Hamilton Beach for the past decade. Affordability is a big concern for many residents, especially seniors. As President of City Housing Hamilton, the City's largest social housing provider, I'm currently working with a number of stakeholders to investigate the construction of affordable housing units for seniors in the Beach Community. I'll be certain to share more information with area residents as these plans progress.

In 2002 the City of Hamilton and the Six Nations community came together in a number of agreements intended to preserve the Haudenosaunee interest in the Red Hill Valley with the onset of construction through the valley corridor. The intent of the agreement was to foster long-term relationships and to create a plan for the valley that reflects the best thinking of both peoples.
Under the Joint Stewardship Agreement, the Joint Stewardship Board was formed. Comprised of equal representation from the City of Hamilton and the Haudenosaunee, it is the Board's responsibility to ensure cooperation and successful continuation of the environmental management plan for the Red Hill Valley

As a member of the City's Joint Stewardship Board, I'm pleased to report that the 2015 Annual Report is now available. Information can be found at
please contact my office and I can mail you a paper copy of the report.

For the past number of years I have distributed newsletters and community reports to neighbourhoods across Ward 5. If you have questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me at City Hall (905-546-2716), my home (905-545-3737) or by email: (
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