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Feb 15, 2004
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From Beach articles 1954

Many Residents Complain Of Dogs At Large​
Hamilton Beach, May 6 - Many Beach residents are aroused over the number of dogs allowed to run loose in the community. This fact is quite evident by the number of complaints given to ward representatives at the meeting of the Burlington Beach Property Owners' Association. Reginald Wheeler, the president, said that people work hard to beautify their property, only to have damage done by "animal lovers" who let their pets run at large, doing damage and endangering car drivers who are continually trying to avoid hitting them on the extremely busy highway. Mr. Wheeler said he is a nature lover and fond of animals as well.
H. Martin, of Ward One, stated residents have said they resent paying for a dog licence and keeping their pets fastened up when so many people get away with breaking the regulations. Information received from H. B. Black, of the Burlington Beach Commission office, reveals that every day the police department is checking on dog tags, and residents may call the office to complain of stray dogs which will be picked up by the Humane Society and impounded. Robert Ewles was the acting chairman at the meeting during the absence of the president.
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