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Sale of City Owned Residential Lots
The City of Hamilton continues to sell residential lots throughout the Beach Community and has recently listed the following parcels:
• 2 Rembe - $86,000
• 2 1/5 Rembe - $88,000
• 2 Windermere - $63,000
• 6 Windermere - $65,000
• 6 Kirk Ave. - $112,000
The aforementioned lots are in addition to those listed several months ago including the properties at 966 Beach Blvd., as well as 2 and 4 North Park. City staff are currently surveying 5 large “flag shaped” properties between 490 and 524 Beach Blvd. These lots will be listed shortly.
Jimmy Lomax Interpretive Panel Installation
I’m pleased to announce the installation of an interpretive panel at Jimmy Lomax Park that celebrates the life and legacy of the late Jimmy Lomax, one of the Beach Community’s most celebrated residents. Over a span of 50 years, Jimmy’s ‘Operation Santa Claus’ raised nearly $9 Million for underprivileged families across the City, distributing an estimated 80,000 gifts in that time. The new panel is proudly displayed adjacent to the park entrance and provides a good summary of Jimmy’s accomplishments. A special thank you to Mrs. Lomax, and Beach area residents Chuck Witherington, Ed Nowlan, Scott Howley and Jim Howlett who helped me with this project.
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