Hamilton Beach Community Council Summary for March 3, 2009


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
Thank you to the residents that attended it was great to see you.
Our thoughts are with US Steel Stelco employees that have been laid off. The announcement that the plant will be idled indefinitely due to economic constraint came March 3rd.
A brochure will be distributed during the Good Friday Easter Egg Hunt to survey for interest in a Community Event Planning Committee.
There was a proposal by one resident to seek out others interested in having the boulevard end of their driveways paved. He would obtain a group stimate for the work. Please note the information in today’s publication.
The Committee for the Eastport Trail that would link the existing Waterfront Trail to Eastport Drive and the new Gateway Bridge is meeting April 7th to finalize budgetary proposals and approvals. Jim Howlett and Scott Howley first presented the plans to the Public Works Infrastructure and Environment Committee in 2006. It would revitalize the area under the QEW that links Windemere Basin and the Beach Strip. This will return a recreational opportunity to the east end of the harbour. Plans will be available for viewing at a future meeting.
The Public Liaison Committee at Bitumar met Feb. 19th. They have recently hired an Environmental and Safety manager and a plant engineer. Valid odour complaints were noted to have dropped over the past year. They have had odour problems this winter due to freezing of pipes as a result of prolonged power failures. They continue to commit to be diligent on odour abatement. The minutes are available for viewing by contacting the Council secretary Debbie Levo.
March Break is upon us and please note the insertion this month on safety in the neighbourhood regarding the presence of coyotes. Enjoy your break safely!
Ed Nowlan is once again organizing the Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday and has asked for volunteers. He will call a meeting soon. Thanks to Ed, his volunteers and the Rescue Unit last year the event was, as in the past, a huge success. Call 905-549-4130.
The committee supports the initiative for the Spring Clean Up in April organized this year through the office of Chad Collins. The hot dog barbeque will again be sponsored through his office at the end of the clean up. Call or email-905-546- 2716 or: ccollins@hamilton.ca
Concerns were raised regarding the presence of some outside sellers at the Annual Beach Garage Sale held in July. Many take advantage of the permit provided, set up days early and leave behind junk and garbage the city and neighbourhood have to clean up. To keep within the charitable intention this garage sale was started for, the council is looking for friendly solutions to this
problem that often distracts from the events’ fun. This years date is July 12.
There is a concern regarding dog walkers on the Waterfront Trail that do not clean up after their pets. As a neighbourhood this affects us more than recreational users. Any suggestions?
Please call the police if you see youth who are illegally tagging anything in the area with graffiti.
Non emergency number is 905-546-4925, Emergency 9-1-1
Crime Stoppers at 905-522-TIPS or the graffiti hotline at 905-546-4723
MOE Phone numbers: Day- 905-521-7640……after hours: 1-800-268-6060
City of Hamilton Spill line: 905-540-5188
Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association: 905-561-4432 (for emission
complaints about member industries)
Please call, if you do not receive a call-back --let the office know your concerns.
The Community Council is working on issues continuously to bring awareness to the types of emissions we are impacted by and to industries and other factors that contribute to these. Truck traffic on the QEW and in the Industrial areas represent a huge percentage of the air pollution and
dirt we see. Dust abatement in this area is an issue that is constantly being identified for improvement.
The Community Council will soon be producing a separate quarterly environment report to be distributed door to door. The content will hopefully answer questions about ongoing committees, industrial environmental initiatives and improvements, and local organizations that can assist
citizens with pollution concerns. We hope to clear up questions and misconceptions as well as bring some positive comment on life here in Hamilton Beach. Stay tuned.
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