Harris Inlet Walk


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
From the June, 2008 Beach Banner

Wednesday, July 16,2008 HARRIS INLET WALK
Harris Inlet is the largest non-industrialized natural area in Hamilton's east harbour and is home to swans, giant snapping turtles, fish, foxes, coyotes, beaver, black-crowned night herons and muskrats. The Hamilton Port Authority intended to fill in this area and the remains of the nearby Secord's Bog to build a new pier, but has delayed the project due to public concerns. Come and explore the area with Jim Howlett and Greg Reader and support the HCA in its bid to protect this site and its wildlife.
Directions: Park in the west parking lot of the Jervis B. Webb plant on the right hand side of Hobson's Rd. (pier 22),which is between Stratheame Ave and Kenilworth Ave. at 1647 Burlington St. Hast. Please note: this is under the overpass of Burlington St and on the north (harbour side.) Leader: Jim Howlett, (905) 544-8514
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