HPA BATTLE!! do you trust the HPA?


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Feb 27, 2005
Well Folks its over for now!!

The charges against Randy Desnoyers for trespass were with drawn for lack of evidence.Despite a second trail ordered.

In a surprise move the Crown with drew the charge against Randy and failed to allow the charter challenge to proceed on the notice of trespass(large legal blunder).

What does this mean, well it will be pretty tough for the Hamilton Port to use the trespass act to stop Randy from entering the port property.

However its not over till the fat lady sings!!

Randy still seeks to have the higher courts rule on (the blunder)the violation of charter, so a motion is being drafted at this very moment to have a higher court judge rule on that very issue.

As well Randy has requested that the Hamilton Police investigate possible perjury charges against the port witnesses, further that the Hamilton police pass on to the RCMP issues of secret commissions that the port witness admitted to in his testimony.

It is quite clear that the Hamilton Port will stop at nothing , be it by way of misleading the courts on information, or falsifying statements to the police, when will it stop? and they have the keys to our port and water shed lands??? HELLOOOO!!! I know Randy will continue the battle!!

You all will remember the port banned Randy from its property it accused him of criminal behavior but at trail failed to produce any proof of said behavior, Randy insists that this is all about the ports anti-competition behavior, that they just want him gone at what ever cost!! and that since it is a federal marina, these actions are a violation of the charter of rights!!

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