Lamp at the HBRU Club


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
I have frequent the club side of the Rescue Unit for many, many years and never paid much attention to a couple old lamps that have been part of the furniture ever since I have been going there, until I tried to pick one up and move it. This lamp weighs about fifty pounds because upon further inspection, it is made from the hose nozzle that use be part of the old fire trucks (before Beach Rescue's time). None of the older crowd seems to know who made it.

A spare (Lafrance) nozzle was located on the back of each truck;

Another floor lamp was made using bowling trophy that was donated to the Fire Dept. bowling league which played for many years at the canal lanes.
The bottom section could be from the old trucks as well.

The trophy was donated by Clare Dean for the annual high triple score;

One score can be seen, a 836 by Don Young in 1954-54 season;

This picture shows the well attended Fire Dept. league at the canal lanes.

In this picture (donated by Ross Somerville), notice the bell on the side of the truck and the lettering on the hood;

These items were kept after the trucks were taken out of service and made into a display;
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