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Hi everyone,

Welcome to Loving Pups Pet Care! Where I love and care for your pets as much as you do!

I'm a Beach Blvd. resident looking to assist you with your pet care needs.

Dog Walking: If you are like most people, you may not have enough time in the day to fit in those walks due to your working hours, or you may not be physically able to take your dog for more than one walk a day, or you are a busy family. What ever the reason, I'm here to help!

I can take your dog for a mid-day walk and/or take them to the dog park for socialization and playtime with other dogs. This mid-day break will provide them with fresh air, excercise, challenge their minds and fulfill their needs.There are a number of parks and trails waiting to be explored by your dog to keep him happy while you are busy.

Puppy Visits: If your puppy is alone during the day you need me! I will come in once a day (or twice if necessary) and spend time with your puppy.

Puppy visits include an outside potty break, clean up and changing of puppy pee pads, playtime and feeding (if needed). Lots of cuddles and love are provided free of charge!

Call me at 905-484-3668 for more information, or to schedule walks for your dog. The more you walk, the more you save! You can also visit my website at: http://www.lovingpupspetcare.com

Looking forward to being of service to you!
Karen Harkness
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Nov 10, 2009
Beach Blvd
Good luck Karen. We may give you a call from time to time. It would be nice to know there is someone we can trust nearby.

The link to the website that you gave is for a dog rescue group in the States. Did you mistype the address?
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