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The Minutes of May 2008

Hamilton Beach community Council
Summary of May Community Council Meeting
Branthaven Development presented their preliminary concept plan on April 30th, for their site on Beach Blvd. It will be a Condominium Development of 51 town homes and three Commercial Spaces with attached apartments. This plan is subject to review by the City and may change. They are available for review on the Community Website and will be displayed at the Community Meetings.

The E. Nebesny Memorial is tentatively planned for the 22nd of June subject to the planting of a tree donated by HIEA and the installation of the plaque. The full details will be in the June Banner and on the website when finalized.

There are ongoing meetings taking place with members of the Council and industries regarding environmental concerns. In particular, dust emissions on sites that have heavy truck traffic and what new Industry like Liberty Energy can do to influence their industrial neighbours to reduce their impact.

Linda Lukasik of Environment Hamilton, a not for profit organization that uses the Provincial Governments Bill of Rights as a guide to pursue environmental justice for the citizens of Hamilton, attended to preside over the election of the new Community Council Executive and gave a review of one current effort. Triple M (formerly Poscor, processor of ferrous scrap metal) is building a second facility on Strathern Avenue.

Environment Hamilton is asking for a review of their operating permit to enact changes to their emission control systems at their existing site that would contain their highly visible emissions through baghouse and fume recovery installation.

The Community Council Executive election for the term 2008-2009 was held and the positions of Chairman (Ed Nowlan), President (Jim Howlett), and Treasurer/Secretary (Debbie Levo) stood by acclamation. Scott Howley was nominated for the position of Council Member at Large.

Community members witnessing recent late night vandalism raised concerns. Please call the police when any suspicious or obvious activity has even the potential to damage or threaten the community.

There is interest in having traffic slowing installations on Beach Blvd. The present construction site has been advised by the Hamilton Police and the Owner Developer to have the trucks abide by the speed limit of 50 km/hr or risk fines. Please be cautious.
Call the traffic police if violations are observed.

Next Meeting: June 3rd, 2008 The Annual Garage Sale.

Phone Numbers:
Report a Crime: Emergency only- 9-1-1
Non-emergency-switchboard- 905-546-4925
Aggressive Driving: 905-546-1768 Speedwatch- 905-546-2424 Ext. 5660
Fire: Emergency only- 9-1-1 Non-emergency-admin- 546-3333
Councillor Chad Collins: 905-546-2716
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