Meeting Agenda April 1st, 2008


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
Hamilton Beach Community Council
Agenda: April 1, 2008
Minutes from the March meeting is attached.
7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
• Welcome and call to order: Chairman E. Nowlan
• Approve minutes of last meeting February 5, 2008 and Summary for March 5,
• Treasurer Report: D. Levo
• Announcements and Correspondences-
• Previous Business: a) Memorial for E. Nebesny b) Pitch-In Hamilton
• New Business:
1. Identify and list ongoing Environmental and Community Issues that require
updated reports to the community by the person either on the Council or in
the Community involved in those issues. Establish a schedule to
address those issues as needed under the Agenda heading of Committee
Reports. i.e. - Industry Emissions and Reparation Effort, CDF’s, Eastport
Trail, Liberty Energy, HIEA monthly CAP meeting, Development of
Fisherman’s Pier, Bitumar quarterly CAP Meeting, Waterfront Trail,
Truck Traffic Violations, Residential Development on Beach Boulevard,
2. Community events: Thank you to Ed Nowlan for organizing a very
successful Easter Egg Hunt. Thank you to Jane Kruchka for publishing
the Beach Banner.
3. Hamilton Beach Community Garage Sale
4. Care for the gardens at the north and south entrances to Beach Boulevard
• Open Community Discussion
• 8:30 p.m. Terminate Meeting
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