Monarch Garden Awards 2020


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
Happy spring to you!

My name is Charlie Briggs and I am a committee member for the Monarch Awards. The Monarch Awards is a garden sustainability program that awards Hamilton's forward thinking gardeners with a certification and garden ornament displaying their positive contributions to our local environment. You may already be aware of the program or even helping share information on your social media outlets.
This year, our committee decided to continue with the award's program and it's online submission June 21st deadline. To drum up further interest in the program and encourage more gardeners to participate in sustainable landscaping, I am inquiring if there would space available in one of your neighbourhood association's publications for a small write up or graphic to direct readers to our website
If you think this is possible and would like to discuss further, please email me back and I would be happy to pursue this opportunity.
Thank you and enjoy the gardening season!
Charlie Briggs
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