New Rules For Tews Falls And Webster's Falls


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Oct 15, 2009
It’s going to cost people more money to visit some of Hamilton’s picturesque conservation areas.

Anyone looking to visit Webster Falls and Spencer Gorge will now be required to pay a $5 admission fee per person and $10 parking fee, and membership passes will not be valid on weekends and holidays from May until October 31st. The changes will take effect May 21st. The membership fee is $105 plus HST for one year.

The Hamilton Conservation Authority says it’s taking the steps to try and manage the record number of visitors to the area. It’s estimated the Webster Falls and Spencer Gorge area saw roughly 140 000 visitors last year. That’s up from just 80 000 in 2012. The new fee structure will also apply to the Tew Falls area.

The Conservation Authority says traffic is so bad in the area on some weekends, emergency vehicles are unable to quickly get through.

The number of visitors is also affecting the ecological health of the area. Off-trail use and overcrowding is damaging to the plants and animals that live in the area.

I heard people in the area were complaining of the traffic. Too bad they couldn't find another place for them to park and have a shuttle service during the peak season.
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