The Restaurant with Aunt Jemina


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
Drogo started a question in the chatbox about a restaurant near the canal with a picture of Aunt Jemina on the front.
I don't remember it but a couple other members did.
If there is more that can be added, please do.
First time i have tried this, but here we go
[09:13 PM] Drogo: Copy and paste it and we'll continue as a thread.
[08:03 PM] scotto: Drogo, we should of made this a thread of this, all good reading.
[08:01 PM] scotto: We need a Burlington side expert.

[07:59 PM] scotto: Drogo, if you go back Crawfish and laxsupr (I think) said it was on the Burlington side and I seem to remember a Supertest.
[06:46 PM] Drogo: The Old Virginia was on the Burlington side of the canal not the Hamilton. The question was given to me incorrectly to start with. Apparently there was a gas station near it (Supertest perhaps) and they both closed about when the skyway opened.

[06:26 PM] scotto: Never heard of that name, hopefully we can come up with a pic
[05:48 PM] Drogo: The restaurant with the Aunt Jemina picture was "The Old Virginia" and the dancehall at the canal was "The Pier Ballroom"
[11:06 AM] scotto: I have been looking, no luck.
[10:45 AM] Crawfish: I am sure that there must be photos of that sign somewhere
[10:45 AM] Crawfish: Yes, on the Burlington side
[10:29 AM] scotto: On the Burlington side?
[09:17 AM] Crawfish: It was about half a mile from the canal on the lake side
[08:17 AM] scotto: Any idea where?
[08:17 AM] scotto : I don't remember that as well
[02:12 AM] laxsupr: The restaurant with Aunt Jemina was on the Burlington side of the canal
[Yesterday 09:17 PM] scotto: This must of been the longest chat yet and I deleted a bunch because of the mix up.
[Yesterday 07:27 PM] Drogo: No problem. Well I have to be off. Thanks for the chat.
[Yesterday 07:19 PM] scotto: Thanks for the history
[Yesterday 07:18 PM] scotto: Must been there, I have never seen a picture of it being anything but a bowling alley
[Yesterday 07:17 PM] scotto: I was at the Rescue Unit a while back for a rememberance of one of the members. There was a pic of him winning a dance contest (and five dollars)
[Yesterday 07:14 PM] Drogo: Yeah. The building I'm looking for was between the canal and the amusements. They called it the Canal Bowling but I think before it the dancehall was the Pier. I remember my Mother and Father talking about it. Went there for all the big bands.
[Yesterday 07:12 PM] scotto: The bowling alley was on the bay side.
[Yesterday 07:11 PM] Drogo: This became the bowling alley. Same building!
[Yesterday 07:11 PM] Drogo: This was strictly a dancehall. I know it was there is the '40s. I know Glen Miller played there. The Ocean House was before that time I believe.
[Yesterday 07:09 PM] scotto: Lakeside House, but no pic of Aunt Jemina
[Yesterday 07:08 PM] scotto: Beside the bowling alley, there was the Cottage Inn.
[Yesterday 07:07 PM] scotto: Going way back, the was the Ocean House
[Yesterday 07:07 PM] scotto: I don't recall "The Pier"
[Yesterday 07:05 PM] scotto: Sorry Drogo, the chatbox is all over the place.
[Yesterday 07:00 PM] Drogo: Also the dance hall beside the amusements that became the bowling alley was it just called "The Pier"
[Yesterday 07:00 PM] Drogo : This place was on the lake side but the was a painted sign above it with a woman totally dressed like Aunt Jemina. I remember the picture but can't remember the name
[Yesterday 06:55 PM] scotto: Are you thinking of Green Acres, it's been a antique place for many years but was a restaurant at one point.

[Yesterday 06:46 PM] scotto: There are a few pictures in the Forum of the area back in the fifties, forties.
[Yesterday 06:45 PM] scotto: And there were many hotdog stands that were open when the park was.
[Yesterday 06:44 PM] scotto: Beside that was Hells Grill or Hals Grill, which is still there but just the building.
[Yesterday 06:43 PM] scotto: Don't remeber that sign, there was the Angus Inn.
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