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Mar 14, 2009
Last weekend I went for a drive down the beach strip and it had been a few years since I really looked as I drove and it is becoming a really nice area again. Alot of the years ago so/so houses are cleaning and sprucing up the outward appearance. Nothing bad intended to anyone. I have never understood how beach living ever got a bad rap, the stories I heard living in Burlington my whole life was families living in old run down cottages made up the beach front. Well it's my opinion the cottages taken from the Burlington side have cleaned up the Beach and the Houses on the Hamilton side are quite beautiful.
It would be interesting reading for me and maybe some others for someone to produce a book that included each and every property address's history. I am sure many of these homes have produced stories.


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
There has been many books written about the Beach, one of our members is in the process of making a video. But nothing that traced the history of each house, that would be a huge job and many were demolished when the Skyway was built and many more when City tried to make the strip a park. I agree though, there is most likely a lot of history.
There is a good selection of house pictures from 1980 in the Gallery.

Maybe the Beach will get that "bad rap" back and our taxes will go back down.
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