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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
From the May 2006 Beach Banner
1824-2006,the Hamilton Beach Community is 182 yrs. old.We are the oldest working community of its kind in all of Canada.
In 1980- the committee was formed to save Bell Cairn School-and then escalated to save all the houses from demolition.The Conservation Authority wanted a full waterfront park.
For all you new-comers,to the Beach, and to those of you who have forgotten, here is a list of some of the services the committee has achieved,over the years.
1. They saved the school
2. Saved the houses from demolition.
3.Prevented the Windermere Basin from being developed.
4.Got rid of heavy trucks using the strip.
5.Formed the Garden Club.
6.Had the Baseball diamond replaced.
7.Started the Annual Garage Sale.
8.Network with all levels of Government-especially the City.
9.Have a continuous and ongoing fight with the Hamilton Port Authority and Industry about pollution and development.
10.We are the ONLY community in Hamilton to have our own newsletter AND web-page. To sum up——It is a very successful council and they deserve your support.
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