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Hi Scott, it's been a while since I logged in and notice a change in format.
I was looking for the thread on the location of the King's Head Inn.
I don't know if it was a post card as it isn't in my collection but I know I have used this picture somewhere. Going to start a harbor thread anyway, so I will be posting many.
I was going to copy the ad from the Beach Banner, but you did a much better job.
I would post it in the Events section, just go Events and at the top you will see "New Thread", if it's not working for you let me know and I will do it.
Hi there, Missy2013 here :) - I was just trying to figure out how to start a New Post, about my Beach event, coming this fall ... Wasn't exactly sure WHERE you'd like it, and/or how to do it .... SOOOOOO, I was going to ask, if you would please post it for me? Here's the copy:

Mark your calendars! Beach artist, Margaret Lindsay Holton is having a family-friendly SOLO art exhibition in the Hamilton Beach Rescue Community Hall at 316 Beach Blvd, Sunday, Sept.14th, 2-5pm. FREE lemonade! On-line preview - MLH: SOLO - starts August 15th at - All welcome.

Problem or issue, let me know. Thanks.
Glad to see the ice out ... finally. :) mlh
Hi Lynn
My username is Drogo but I'm Peggy. Welcome to the Community. Hope you join into the fun or work depending on your interest. I got involved in the history pages. More work than fun but my passion. LOL
PS I go by Drogo. Some of the older men think I'm a man. Good to keep them guessing!
Hi Bob
Glad to see you got on the site. If you have questions about getting around just ask. Someone is always glad to help. You should really put your memories of the old houses on the Beach. Many would be very happy to read what you remember.
hi Sharlathanks for the greating. I'm still trying to learn how to use the forum, so haven't added to any threads. I'm looking forward to being a member.
Hi Pete, thank you so much for fixing my laptop! I wish you had kept the $ I sent. I feel bad when I have to ask you or Scott to look at one of our computers and you both deserve to get paid for your work. Once again, thank you. Carol Howlett
Hi Crawfish,

Sorry it took so long to respond to you...just got your message today! Yes, that was me. You mentioned that you grew up here, and that you we're visiting your old neighbourhood. I thought you said you were visiting from Quebec? Is that right?

Nice to hear from you again!
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