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  1. scotto

    Hydro One is back

    New sign from Hydro Qne stating that there could be some delays on the Trail as they work on the lines, we haven't received any tree trimming updates, so hopefully tower line work will be the job getting done.
  2. scotto

    Lift Bridge Closed

    Repairs have been completed, the Lift Bridge is now open to traffic.
  3. scotto

    Lift Bridge Closed

    The Lift Bridge is closed to traffic and pedestrians until repairs are completed. It is fully open in the up position and will remain there until this coming Monday.
  4. scotto

    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    Less of a problem: Water levels likely won’t be as high this year along shoreline May 6, 2020 Following a horrendous period of flooding, people living along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River have a bit of good news to claim. The mild winter and spring have resulted in modestly...
  5. scotto

    Oldest Store on the Beach

    Adding one more, Ernie Shewfelt, circa 1975. Courtesy Shewfelt Collection.
  6. scotto

    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    The lake Ontario water level graph for the month of September 2020, the level has dropped almost eight inches in one month, very good news. As you can see on the graph, the level has dropped from 0.8 meters to 0.6, last year we didn't reach this mark as we stayed around the 0,8 area until the...
  7. scotto

    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Shoreline Landowners and Businesses High Water Impacts Questionnaire Have you been directly impacted by recent high water levels along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River shoreline? Ongoing wet conditions throughout the...
  8. scotto

    From Outlet to Canal

    Another piece of timber has washed to shore (thanks to member Maggie) near Dieppe Park. This also could be from our old wooden piers but I have yet to match it up with any old pictures. Another old picture of the old pier shows one wooden board fasten to the pier just under the deck, but the...
  9. scotto

    The Burlington Canal Bridges

    A few more that I have picked up that have the actual date as the title. June 7th, 1961 June 17th 1961 Early 1960;s Looking south early 1960's Night Shot
  10. scotto

    Van Wagner's

    A couple more, sorry I don't have a source for these.
  11. scotto

    RIP Short LaFave

    This was sent in by the Rescue Unit; It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the passing of Short LaFave a long time supporter of the H.B.R.U. Inc. She survived her husband Lewis (Red ) LaFave who was an excellent member for many years and passed many years ago ( early 90 s )...
  12. scotto

    RIP Kevin Campbell

    It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the passing of Kevin Ross Campbell on Sept 9th, 2020 at the age of 62, surrounded by the love of his family. Beloved husband of Victoria, for 42 years. Wonderful Dad to Katharene (Jack), Christopher (Sally), and Corey (Krista). Cherished Papa to...
  13. scotto

    COVID Elvis

    Tonight was the COVID Elvis show which was well (socially distanced) attended, the performance took place at the corner of Killarney Ave. Elvis has been performing all over the City to raise funds and donations of non perishable goods.
  14. scotto

    Path Pictures

    The new wheelchair mat near the canal; Red chairs over and an old timber that could of been part of the old wooden pier, I will look through some old photos and see if I can match it up. The CGS Limnos heading out on a nice fall day. Toronto past the Trail, sent in by member Maggie.
  15. scotto

    Brian’s neighbours used to carry his wheelchair onto Hamilton beach. Now they won’t have to

    Brian’s neighbours used to carry his wheelchair onto Hamilton beach. Now they won’t have to By Matthew Van DongenSpectator Reporter Thu., Aug. 20, 2020 Neighbours physically carry Brian Campbell and his wheelchair onto Hamilton’s beach any time he wants to play with his young kids this summer...
  16. scotto

    More Ships

    From 2008, the Algobay is on it's way from Hamilton to China to be rebuilt as a self-unloader. In October 2012 the bulk carrier was renamed the Radcliffe Latimer. The CSL Frontenac outbound the piers after dropping off a load of salt beside our community.
  17. scotto

    Path Pictures

    Kid's dino party beside the Trail in the 500's, pretty extravagant for a kid's party birthday.
  18. scotto

    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    Attached is the Lake Ontario water level graph for the month of August, notice a minor decrease in levels of about .2 meters. Not much, but still going down.
  19. scotto

    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    Outflows to increase from Lake Ontario Belleville, ON, Canada / Quinte News John Spitters Aug 31, 2020 4:15 AM It’s been a much better year than last as far as flooding is concerned in the Quinte region. According to the International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River...
  20. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    Last night a load of salt was dropped off on Eastport Drive last night (August 27th), even though there were only light winds, we were still impacted. First picture shows the open salt pile and the ship getting ready to unload more salt. The next two show two cars with a light dusting of a...
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